Email Marketing for Real Estate

Build client relationships – and reach new ones – with email. All the content ideas, examples, tips and success stories from real estate businesses like yours are here to help.

Ideas for Your Next Email Campaign

Share useful home maintenance tips (e.g., gutters, lawn, wood floors) to build client trust and drive email sharing.

Pass along local community news (e.g., school announcements, events) to stay connected to clients and drive email sharing.

Share tips for financing home improvements (e.g., loans, refinancing, credit) to stay connected to clients and drive email sharing.

Share market trends (i.e., home prices, sales) to promote new business and drive email sharing.

Announce an incentive (e.g., entry into a raffle) when clients provide a referral. Include an overview of your services and testimonials.

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Template Design Tips

Get visual inspiration & tips to help you create emails that get opened, read, and clicked.

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Build client relationships and promote new business with a real estate marketing plan

Template: News/Update

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“I realized that if I put content in the newsletter that is really popular, people would share it on Facebook or pass it along to their friends, and then their friends ask to subscribe. Every time I send out a newsletter, I’ll get subscribers back.”

Brandon Stewart, David Griffin & Company Realtors

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