Luke's A Marketer

And all it took was Constant Contact email marketing.

“It’s much more difficult to find and maintain customers today. Constant Contact makes it easy.”

Luke Adams started his glass blowing studio 16 years ago. He’s always loved working with glass and wanted to share his passion for this medium with others. But knowing glass doesn’t mean you know how to run a small business. That’s why he turns to Constant Contact to make him a marketer, because as Luke says, “It gets people here for that first experience.”


Easy and effective tools to fill up Luke's studio.

Know what works—right away.

One of the perks of email for Luke is that you can see the results in the store. “You’ll know immediately if your email works,” he says “because you’ll see more traffic to your website, you’ll see sales, phone calls.” All this adds up to more people interested in his glass, and more business for his studio.

Simple and effective.

Luke is a busy man, so it’s no surprise that he needs to get his marketing messages out quickly so he can get back into the studio. “One of the things I love about Constant Contact is its ease of use. I can put an email together whenever.” And when his store gets slow, he relies on the quickness of Constant Contact to fill it back up.

Keep ‘em coming back.

As is the case for many small businesses these days, Luke’s relationships with people starts online. He counts on Constant Contact to continue to cement that relationship. When he regularly communicates with his customers, he sees repeat business taking his classes and buying glass from his shop.

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